Mobile Apps for the Modern Boston Sales Person

There were a lot of techie-ideas to share at Boston Common during a picnic of sales persons. It was more learning than eating and having fun; nonetheless, the focus of the gathering was in itself exciting enough to give the sales persons the fun they needed.

They were introduced to a whole lot of mobile apps that would boost business. Conducting business in this age of technology has never been this exciting. The participants were taken through various mobile apps and how to identify the ideal ones for sales needs and functions. Most of these apps are designed for different purposes, and their capabilities are different to suit individual sales people needs.

tablet pc / ipad with cloud of application icons

tablet pc / ipad with cloud of application icons

Starbucks, for example, is a smartphone app that enables sales people interact with their customers and prospects. They come equipped with video streaming capabilities which when configured does generate quotations.It was stressed that there were inbuilt scanners that could be used for making payments.

The Kindle is another mobile app that came up for discussion. It enables the sales person to have access to the latest trends in the market by simply reading sales materials on the go from their internet enabled gadget. As a sales person, knowing the weather condition is part of your itinerary mapping. With the weather channel app on your mobile, you are kept updated on the weather condition, and you can use the information when doing your sales calls.

Participants were made to understand the importance of having a thorough background knowledge about customers. Thus, the essence of LinkedIn could not be overemphasized. It serves to offer all this in-depth information for free. The LinkedIn mobile app helps the sales person understand who they are dealing with, and it helps promote the connection between the sales person and the customer.