Hungry Mother Restaurant Closes this Summer

The sad news hit Boston last Friday about the impending closure of Hungry Mother Restaurant. Of course, it’s not such good news for most of Boston since Hungry Mother is a household name. Everyone wants to have a bite of what’s cooking there.

Like it or not, the rumors are true. After rumors had hovered in the Boston air for some time, the popular southern restaurant in Cambridge’s Kendall Square took to the internet to announce that its doors will be closed to the public on July 3, 2015. This statement was made last Friday on its website.

In a revealing interview with John Kessen who is the co-owner of Hungry Mother, as well as the nearby State Park, it was made known that indeed there have already been countless calls from customers who have expressed a mixture of shock and sadness since the restaurant made this announcement.


According to the announcement, Barry Maiden, the award-winning chef, is leaving Hungry Mother to pursue other projects. At this point, customers would assume the exit of Barry Maiden is the reason behind the closure. Barry has been the strong pillar of the restaurant, having won James Beard award for “Best Chef” in the Northeast earlier this year.

So many awards have been won by Hungry Mother including Boston Magazine’s Best Restaurant – General Excellence in 2013. Obviously, Barry played major roles in making the restaurant chalk all these awards. Kessen, however, did not make any attempt to reveal the real reasons behind the closure. The exit creates a vacuum that would be difficult to fill, should the restaurant even decide to continue operating.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team at Hungry Mother would continue to operate the nearby State Park and develop a new “concept” in the Hungry Mother space.

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Head Trauma Kills Survey Monkey CEO

A Mexican state official last Friday revealed that the death of David Goldberg, Survey Monkey CEO was an exercise accident, that resulted in of severe head trauma leading to the fatality. This occurred in Punta Mita, a Mexican resort town.

The Four Seasons Resort, Punta Minta is reportedly the site of the incident. Goldberg and his family had checked in on April 30. Surprisingly, management of the resort reports the incident did not take place on any of their properties and that Goldberg was not a registered guest.


The deceased was the husband of Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook executive. According to the official, Goldberg went out to exercise around 4 pm, never to return. Family members, after waiting in vain for his return, took to the streets in search of him.

According to the report, Goldberg slipped on the treadmill and, unfortunately, hit the machine. Though they were fortunate to have found him at about 6: 30 pm, it was very unfortunate he was motionless at the time. It was apparent that the lower back of his head has suffered a blow. He was found lying in a pool of blood, by the treadmill in a gymnasium;

The official who made this revelation on the basis of anonymity further revealed that Goldberg had signs of life until he gave up the ghost at a Nuevo Vallarta hospital. He mentioned the hypovolemic shock and severe head trauma as the causes of his death.

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Business Summit Reveals How to Break News of Company Changes

There are many companies that like to keep changes under the wraps for fear of the employee’s reactions. As much as it is healthy to stay put until you get everything clear, the time for breaking the news will eventually catch up with you. Guys in the office will usually smell a rat and tell something is in the offing.

Revelations from a small Boston business summit over the last weekend, among several other things, also included notes on how to break the big news with regard to company changes.

Once your staff starts speculating, it is time you share with those in your line. Secondly, it was made known that it is essential to brief managers and directors before a streamlined procedure is sought to share the news with the rest of the employees. The news is more authoritative when it is structured and conveyed from the higher authorities with a clear understanding of the set timelines and how it affects their daily responsibilities.


During the concluding remarks, business owners were asked to critically take note of the following: Clarity, timing and room for feedback. These were reechoed as they are deemed to make employees feel as if they are part of the changes and they own the process as well.

Once they are accorded the opportunity to ask questions, they have the knowhow to pass the same to their customers. The consistency of the company changes is cascaded from management through the sales department or customer service desk to the customers. Disseminating news on company changes through staff to customers is the surest way of creating ownership leading to profitability.

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